Today’s most unexpected modern trend isn’t modern at all. That’s right, the classics are making a comeback! With celebrity backers like Victoria Beckham pairing with Sotheby’s to display the Old Masters, we’re seeing a resurgence in interest art from Renaissance artists and beyond. But just because you’ve seen these master works before doesn’t mean displaying them has to be cliche. We’ve combined this trend with tips to help make the classics cool, for those who aren’t afraid to embrace age-old art in a brand new way.


Looking for something that’s authentically old, but still has the feel of an updated piece of contemporary art? Look for lesser-known works of the greats — some feel downright modern. You might even try to sort art by “Most Popular” and head right back for those last few pages for the hidden gems! Who knows? You might find a new favorite, from an artist you already loved. Maybe it will be a Vermeer scene that feels like it’s ripped from an Instagram traveler. Maybe it’s a pineapple print made by botanist Maria Sibylla Merian in the 1600’s that’s right on trend for summer 2018. It’s like discovering a gem, just for yourself.


So you’ve seen the Mona Lisa a thousand times. Throwing a regular print up on the wall might not do much to excite you about seeing her again, and that’s okay. It’s easy to rediscover masterpieces you may have been burnt out on for years by zooming in on the details. It’s how you’ll come to appreciate

minutiae, like Mona Lisa’s infamous smile, all over again.


Gallery walls are a great way to mix and match a variety of artwork! The right combination can help you pair your favorite contemporary art with the classics that call to you. If you’re no good at curating your own collection, you can always see how things look swapped out with our app’s free Gallery Wall Designer, which uses virtual reality to help you plan the perfect gallery.


The easiest way to update the classics is by dressing them up in a whole new way! If you already own a piece that you don’t know how to update, new framing and matting is the perfect solution. We can take care of it for you, or you can pop a fresh coat of paint onto a frame you already own. Think about pulling out a color from the painting, or get a new print that’s made in an unusual way: perhaps a shadowbox or a stretched canvas print.


When in doubt… well, not throw it out, but you can definitely pay tribute to the standbys while still supporting an all-new artist. Many contemporary creators have taken on classic subjects, putting fresh spins on favorites like the Birth of Venus and our Old Faithful, the Mona Lisa. This is the easiest way to discover new art you can fall in love with, while still staying true to the art that already had your heart.



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